We are very happy to welcome you to an international symposium that will inspire us all. Beside the outstanding scientific programme, Istanbul, aka “the capital of all capitals” in the ancient history, will mesmerize you. Istanbul, an exotic city of a thousand enchantments, will proudly host the first meeting on Probiotics & Prebiotics in Pediatrics.

The comprehensive conference program ensures the coverage of all issues on the pro/prebiotics. Enhanced understanding of how the healthy gut can contribute towards a long and healthy life will be the main topic in this symposium. We will be happy to hear the novel clinically-relevant studies emphasizing the importance of pro/prebiotics for new indications. We hope that each one of us will find something inspiring in this academy to shape our further studies.

Remembering the famous tenet “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" espoused by Hippocrates nearly 2,500 years ago, we are looking forward to focus on evidence-based benefits of functional foods which were proven in clinical trials and scientific experiments. We also desire to take a closer look at the infant formulas and emphasize the role of prebiotic supplementation in clinical nutrition of special populations. As a matter of fact, this academy meeting will enable the interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge.

A steadily increasing interest in the prescription and consumption of pro/prebiotic products is being observed all over the globe. Recently, both medical professionals and the community in the modern world have tendency to use these “good bugs” to maintain a healthier life” in a natural way”. However, we all are aware that probiotic awareness is still very limited on all over the Earth.

The goal of this first international pediatric symposium is to increase the awareness on clinical impact of probiotics/prebiotics in childhood health and disorders. Universally acclaimed faculty of this outstanding symposium will absolutely enrich your horizons for the miraculous world of microbes and molecules.

Join us to have a unique opportunity to be engaged in an international and high-level scientific debate on this broad field of research.

Ener Cagri Dinleyici Metehan Ozen Yvan Vandenplas