25 FEBRUARY 2012

  • The scientific programme is subject to last-minute change when necessary
25 FEBRUARY 2012
08.00-09.30 Oral Presentations-2
Chairs: Martin Floch-Allan Walker

OP - 06
Effect of growing up milk (gum) containing scgos/lcfos/lcpufa on the occurrence of infections in young children attending day care centers
P.M.A. Logtens-de Graaff

OP - 07
Effect of saccharomyces boulardii on the course of indirect hyperbilırubinemia and phototherapy duration in very low birth infants
Gamze Demirel

OP - 08
Effects of probiotics and calcium on diarrhea and respiratory infections: Randomized trial in Indonesian children
Rina Agustina

OP - 09
Cost/benefit of probiotics in acute infectious gastroenteritis: Spend to save.
Yvan Vandenplas

OP - 10
Primo-colonizing bacteria induce maturation of colonic epithelium in gnotobiotic rat models
Julie Tomas

OP - 11
Post-genomic approaches to elucidate probiotic mode of action
Peter A. Bron

OP - 12
Peri-partum scfos supplementation improves intestinal immune system development and vaccine response of the offspring
I. Le Huërou-Luron

OP - 13
Native inulin shows prebiotıc effects in infants of different ages
Didier Meyer

OP - 14
VSL#3 probiotic maternal supplementation affects breast milk composition and newborn faeces microbiota.
Paola Mastromarino
09.30-10.40 Plenary Session-6
Chairs: Hania Szajewska- Ates Kara
Probiotics and antibiotic associated diarrhea Silvia Salvatore
Probiotics use in diarrheal illness with infectious origin/traveler's diarrhea Zvi Weizman
Probiotics and nosocomial infections Iva Hojsak
10.40-11.00 COFFEE BREAK
11.00-12.00 Satellite Symposium- ABBOTT
"New Scientific Approach"
IMFeD: Identification and Management of Feeding Difficulties in Children
Benal Buyukgebiz and Rasit Vural Yagci
12.00-13.00 LUNCH
13.00-14.00 Plenary Session-7
Chairs: Erika Isalauri-Murat Yurdakok
Probiotics/prebiotics use in newborn unit Jesper Brok
Probiotics/prebiotics and infantile colic/GER Flavia Indrio
14.00-15.00 Satellite Symposium BIOCODEX
Chair: Rasit Vural Yagci
Use of Saccharomyces boulardii (Reflor) in gastroenteritis and antibiotic associated diarrhea Yvan Vandenplas
Overview of Saccharomyces boulardii’s (Reflor) new studies Ener Cagri Dinleyici
15.00-15.20 COFFEE BREAK
15.20-16.50 Plenary Session-8
Chairs: Zvi Weizman-Tanju Ozkan
The potential for probiotics/prebiotics in pediatric irritable bowel syndrome Stefano Guandalini
Obesity and Pro/Prebiotics and Functional Foods Nathalie Delzenne
Probiotics/Prebiotics in the management of H pylori infection Ruggiero Francavilla
Probiotics/Prebiotics and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Annamaria Staiano
16.50 Closing Remarks Metehan Ozen