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Friday, March 7,2014



  *The scientific programme is subject to last-minute change when necessary

08.45-09.00  Opening Remarks                                                              Metehan Ozen
09.00-10.30 PLENARY SESSION - 1
Chairs: Stefano Guandalini - Ateş Kara
The Impact of Early Gut Microbiota on Child Health Erika Isolauri
Role of Gut Flora in Immune Response in Health and in the Disease Sanja Kolacek
When is the Healthy GI Flora Challenged? Yvan Vandenplas 
10.30-11.00  Coffee Break
11.00-12.00 SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM - Nutricia      
Advancing Strategies in the Management of Children with Allergic Disease
Chairs: Hania Szajewska - Figen Gürakan      
New Dietary Concepts for the Management of Food Allergy:the role of Pro, Pre & Synbiotics Johan Garssen
Modulating the Gut Microbiota to aid Tolerance Induction in CMA children Simon Murch
12.00-13.30  Lunch
13.30-15.00  PLENARY SESSION - 2
 Chairs: Sanja Kolacek - Turgay Coşkun
The use of probiotics for the management of acute gastroenteritis. The position of the ESPGHAN Working Group on Probiotics Hania Szajewska
Pediatric Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea and Clostridium Difficile Infection Lynne McFarland
Probiotics and Prebiotics in the Prevention of Daycare Infections  Zvi Weizman
15.00-15.30  Coffee Break
15.30-17.00  PLENARY SESSION - 3
 Chair: Flavio Indrio - Ergin Çiftçi
Microbial Metobolism and Fermentation Christine Edwards
Prebiotic Supplementation Early in Life:Short and Long Term Health Outcomes Sertac Arslanoglu
An in vitro technology platform to assess the mechanism of action of pre- and probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract Massimo Marzorati
17.00-18.00  ORAL PRESENTATIONS-1 
 Chairs: Zvi Weizman - Songül Yalçın
18.00-20.00 Welcome Cocktail