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    The role of gut microbiota and mucosal immune system in infancy
    Differences in probiotics and prebiotics
    The role of meta-analysis in evaluation of probiotics: arguments and against
    Claims for pro-and prebiotics: what is needed?

    Probiotics and prebiotics in the human milk
    Probiotics and prebiotics in infant formula
    Fermented infant formulas
    Pro/Prebiotics use in newborn unit

    Pro/Prebiotics and infantile colic & GER
    Pro/Prebiotics in pediatric irritable bowel syndrome
    Pro/Prebiotics in pediatric constipation
    Functional foods for Gut health

    Pro/Prebiotics in infectious diarrhea
    Pro/Prebiotics and antibiotic associated diarrhea
    Pro/Prebiotics for pediatric nosocomial infections

    Pro/Prebiotics for prevention of pediatric respiratory diseases
    Pro/Prebiotics for prevention of pediatric atopic diseases

    Pro/Prebiotics and malnutrition
    Functional foods and obesity
    Functional foods and brain function