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We are delighted to announce the second IS3P that will inspire us all again. Beside the outstanding scientific programme, Antalya,the fourth most visited city on the World, will mesmerize you.

Building on the unequivocal success of the first meeting in Istanbul in 2012, we hope that each one of us will find something encouraging in this academy to shape our further studies. The comprehensive conference program will  ensure the coverage of all issues on the pro/prebiotics, infant formulas and evidence-based benefits of functional foods .

The goal of this second international pediatric symposium “Reunion of Experts” is to increase the awareness on clinical impact of pro/prebiotics and functional foods  in childhood health and disorders. Universally acclaimed faculty of this outstanding symposium will absolutely enrich your horizons.

Join us to have a unique opportunity to be engaged in the miraculous world of microbes and molecules.

Prof. Dr. Metehan Ozen

On behalf of Organizing Committee